Medic-Care Ambulance & Wheelchair Sedan Service Inc. - "on time everytime."
We at Medic-Care are on a mission to provide medical transportation the way it should be provided. We are a dedicated fleet, looking to expand our services to the greater baltimore area. We offer all types of transportation services providing professional, experienced staff members. We provide ambulance, wheelchair and ambulatory sedan services.
We offer;
-Competetive negotiable pricing
-Stellar service with trained/ licensed professionals on all of our vehicles
-Our "on time every time," policy. If our company can not accommodate your requested time slot, we will arrange the transportation with a company that can accommodate your requested time, at no additional cost. We take all steps to ensure our patients make their scheduled appointment times.
-We offer emergency care without the lights and sirens, handling transportation from home or a facility to the emergency department with our certified emergency medical technicians and all necessary equipment
-employment opportunities both full and part time
Please contact us with your medical transportation needs. "We provide more then just a ride, we provide a service."
We offer service to skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, private residents as well as private companies for EMS standby details. When it comes to medical transportation, we can service all of your needs.
We are your ideal solution for transporting your patients or  loved ones to and from appointments/ procedures, or even for holiday/social events.
Medic-Care Ambulance Inc.
4136 Oak Hill Avenue
Nottingham, MD 21236
(410) 882-2022
(410) 882-0568
Fax us @ (410) 882-7050
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